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Size of Generator Price per week + * VAT
6kva £75.00
10kva £105.00
20kva £130.00
26kva £135.00
30kva £140.00
40kva £150.00
50kva £160.00
60kva £175.00
75kva £185.00
100kva £205.00


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  • All our generators are quiet and fully serviced before delivery.
  • Our policy is to provide our generators with a full tank of fuel which our customers pay before delivery and by noting the consumption on collection we credit back to you the unused fuel via online banking unless you refill the machine yourself and then we will give you a full refund.
  • On delivery we always set up and test the generator and any additional distribution connected to the machine. Before handing over to the customer, we would give some basic training to how to use the equipment.
  • There is always a 24hr engineer on standby and when we quote for you we will give you a response time between your location and our depot.
  • If your event is extremely sensitive for example tv/stage productions, we can offer back up generators, which can be synchronised, to give you an undisrupted power supply if one machine were to falter. There are a few simpler options of back up, please feel free to get in touch.
  • Delivery and collection is charged at £1.00 per mile (subject to change) from our depot to the location, and this would have to be x4. eg. we have to return twice to deliver and collect machine. but there is always the option of the hirer collecting from us with an appropriate vehicle.
  • Proof of hired in Plant Insurance to the value of equipment needs to be seen before delivery to cover costs in the eventuality of theft or damage of the equipment.
  • When contacting us about hiring a generator we need to know what the power demand on the machine would be, for example: machinery, lighting, catering, bar, band, disco, toilets etc. If this proves to be difficult, we are more than happy to help.

When all the information is put together and calculated, we will arrange to send you a firm quote.


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