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DJC Power Hire services


If your event is in a rural location, as a lot of festivals are, you may not have a definite postcode to give us. Please use this link to help you:

Emergency Power back up

We can rapidly respond to an emergency situation when power fails to a medium sized business ie farms, industrial units, shops or even your home. We have also provided temporary power for wind and solar farms when systems break down or are being serviced.

Longterm power

Our generators and distribution can be hired out for long term hires at reasonable rates. eg. Dairy Farm being constructed whilst waiting for the national grid to get power to them, can prove to be a long lengthy process. Or any business that requires a high powered demand when their supply is minimal and cannot afford to upgrade to a large system this is an ideal solution.

Delivery & Collection

This can be possible via 4x4 truck and trailer mounted generator for generators from 10kva to 100kva, any machine above 100kva would generally be transported via articulated lorry with hiab. Please note with the 4x4 option we can achieve difficult terrain ie very narrow rural roads, small gateways, steep fields etc. where as the articulated lorry has a lot of limitations to where it can go and transport costs can be a lot higher. Sometimes it could be better for a number of generators delivered via 4x4 to a difficult location than having 1 or 2 larger generators delivered via articulated lorry, which can be a lot more cost effective and easier.


We can provide mobile fueling bowsers that can dispense diesel when necessary to all our generators on site.

Generators and distribution to power your events in the South West

24hr Engineer

Our highly experienced generator engineers are on standby 24/7 if any situation should arrise that cannot be resolved over the phone.

PAT Certified PAT testerTesting

We can provide PAT testing... Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is a process by which electrical appliances are routinely checked to see whether they are safe and fit for purpose.

This can be any piece of electrical equipment that is plugged into the 240V AC supply. Our procedure is extremely thorough and all our electrical engineers are fully qualified so forming an important part of any Health & Safety policy or Risk assessment which ensures your event runs smoothly without any power disruption.

Its essential for any event, that all equipment is PAT tested before being plugged into our power supply. If this isn't achieved then for a small fee we can test and certify any equipment on site. This, in our experience, is common practice in the festival scene.