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In order to protect both you the client, and myself DJC, the following are my Terms & Conditions of business.
If there is anything you need explained more fully, please don't hesitate to contact us.
These Terms & Conditions, together with the currently completed Booking Form, constitute a binding contract
Any changes or alterations must be agreed by the final payment date.

Bookings Details

  • No booking is confirmed until and unless the Booking Form is returned to DJC, correctly completed and accompanied by the non-refundable booking fee.
  • Deposit of a non-refundable amount is to be paid immediately after booking to secure date.
  • Both DJC and client offer assurances that no previous bookings exist with other clients I companies that would affect the booking.


  • Final payment & song list is due 2 weeks before function date otherwise we cannot commit to your booking. If after reminder invoices have been sent & phone calls made there is no response concerning payment, DJC has a right to cancel your booking thus the customer losing their deposit.
  • Payments can be made in Cash or online banking as stated on the invoice.
  • If any payments are not received by the due date, DJC may refuse to attend the event, and full payment will still be required, as this is considered a breach of contract. DJC may, at their discretion, allow time to pay, but this is exceptional and must be agreed before the commencement of the event.
  • Overtime charge is to be paid in cash before it commences £50 per hour after agreed finish time.

Cancellations & Postponements

  • If cancellation is within 24hrs of the performance the full payment will be non-refundable.
  • The client shall have the right to cancel the booking by serving upon DJC not less than 28 clear days notice in writing (loosing their non-refundable deposit)
  • At DJC's discretion, we may agree to alter the date, subject to availability on the replacement date.

Conduct & Security

  • Our DJ and any assistants will respond to the hirer's reasonable request(s) and conduct themselves in a professional manner throughout attendance at the function.
  • It is the client's responsibility to ensure the audience and anyone other than DJC's team conduct themselves in a proper manner. DJC will not be held responsible for any actions, behaviour or damage caused by those attending the event, under any
  • Often DJC will take photographs or video footage of events, to be used in promotional materials inc their website. If you, the client, object to this, please notify DJC before the date of the event.
  • DJC reserves the right to substitute a similar DJ in the event that we are unable to appear for any reasonable reason, eg. Sudden illness, transport failure, serious injury, best endeavours will be made by DJC to find a suitable or similar DJ to
  • DJC will not be liable for a late arrival due to adverse weather conditions, road blockages or any other unavoidable circumstances deemed beyond our control.
  • DJC operates a zero tolerance policy regarding any unwarranted interference or abuse from hirer's guests and or venue management or staff. In the event of any actual or threatened abuse, the DJ may tum the music down, and request that the matter be dealt with. The music will be left turned down for up to 1 Omins, and if the problem is not dealt with in that time, the DJ has the right to refuse to play on, and may pack up and go. In such circumstances no fee will be refundable and any damages or loss will be reclaimed from the client. Any illegal behaviour will be reported to the police.
  • DJC will not be liable for failing to attend a booking, where the reason for non-attendance is proven to be the client's mistake.

Health & Safety

  • It is solely the responsibility of the client to ensure the venue complies with Health & Safety, and holds all necessary certification, Public Liability Insurance, Public Performance Licenses etc.
  • DJC will ensure their equipment fully complies with all the relevant Health & Safety Legislation regarding the equipment & personnel.
  • A suitable parking area must be available for the loading & unloading of DJC's equipment at the venue. Likewise, there must be adequate access to the venue.